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For many years, Northern Virginia has benefited from strong, sensible leadership in the office of commonwealth’s attorney in our local jurisdictions. Those who hold the office have been moderate and put a focus on obtaining justice as their main priority.

That could change this year, as a number of ideological challenges from the left are being made in Democratic primaries. Among those being targeted is Fairfax County Commonwealth’s Attorney Raymond Morrogh, who has held the post since 2008 and is being challenged in the June 11 primary by Steve Descano.

We do not question the professional bona-fides of Descano, who worked in the Obama Justice Department. Nor do we question – in Fairfax or in other jurisdictions where incumbents are facing challenges from their left – that the top prosecutors could have moved a little more quickly to address issues of concern in their communities.

That being acknowledged, the reality is that Morrogh and his staff of professionals in office of commonwealth’s attorney are doing an effective job, and the incumbent deserves four more years at the helm.

The position of commonwealth’s attorney is not a job for an activist, an advocate or a social-justice warrior. Elections for the job should not be bankrolled by outside interest groups, nor used by politicians (here’s looking at you, Terry McAuliffe) to settle scores from past disputes.

For the effective, fairminded work he has been doing for all of Fairfax County, RAYMOND MORROGH deserves renomination on June 11.

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Across the Sun Gazette’s coverage area in Fairfax County, only one seat in the General Assembly is being contested in the June 11 primary, as state Sen. Barbara Favola (D-31st) is being challenged by Nicole Merlene.

Merlene has taken Favola to task for accepting contributions from Dominion Energy, which these days is a third rail of politics (see what we did there?) among the progressive wing of the Democrats. And Merlene has rapped Favola for representing, as a consultant, clients that have business before the county and state governments.

On the first charge, Favola indeed has taken some Dominion dough, but it is such a pittance that we wonder why she bothered to cash the checks in the first place. And on the second charge, what the incumbent is doing may raise some eyebrows but is not egregiously out of bounds, given that the General Assembly is a part-time post.

The charges may have some merit in the abstract, but are not political punches that have knocked Favola down, let alone out.

Like every politician we know, Favola is not without flaws, in personality or policy positions. She too often follows the doctrinnaire left-leaning Democratic playbook without question, while trying to position herself with voters as a centrist.

 But as the race has unfolded, Merlene has not made the case (to us, at least) that the incumbent needs to be sent packing. Therefore, we support BARBARA FAVOLA for renomination in the 31st Senate District.

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