After retiring from the Marine Corps, my wife and I started Stafford Bounce n Play, a small business that provides inflatables for events at homes, facilities, and city, county, and regional parks. I feel so lucky to be able to supply so much joy to the families and people of Virginia through my business. I also feel fortunate to live in the commonwealth where our U.S. Representatives—Rob Wittman, Barbara Comstock, Dave Brat and others—had the guts and foresight to vote for pro-growth tax reform last year, which will hugely benefit my business.

By working to pass tax reform, these representatives helped my wife and me to make positive steps in both our business and in our relationships with our employees. Stafford Bounce n Play strives to be the best we can be, ensuring that our employees feel valued and appreciated day-in and day-out.

Thanks to the tax savings the new plan provided, we were able to do so by distributing a $1,000 mid-year bonus to each of the hardworking people who work for us. This kind of investment in our employees—and in-turn our community—is the kind of action that Virginia and America needs for long-term prosperity. We expect to see growth this year because of our U.S. representatives’ efforts.

 Nicholas Bluma

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Nice gesture, but if you want to do something really positive in their lives then give them raises, which is a long term help for working people instead of a short term fix like bonuses.

And the "tax reform" is a scam. In five years when these measures expire we'll all be paying more in taxes, except for the rich who will keep on reaping the benefits of this con by those in power.

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