Readers could be forgiven for believing that the only people who support Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s new model policies are members of his administration. Conspicuously excluded from the article (“Schools ‘evaluating’ new transgender policies,” Sept. 22-28, Page 13) are the opinions of Prince William County parents, Republicans and other Democratic elected officials.

The reactions quoted in the article can be inferred as an ideological backlash against the policy’s inclusion of parental rights protection.

Language associated with this ideology surfaced in the second paragraph with the phrase “sex they were assigned at birth.” It misquotes a statement in the model policies on bathrooms. Instead, the text states, “Students shall use bathrooms that correspond to his or her sex.” Lest anyone is confused, sex is not assigned. Sex is biologically determined in utero and accurately observed and recorded in more than 99.98% of live births.

Importantly, the new model policies reaffirm provisions for sex-separate facilities and athletics.This secures the conditions for single-sex inclusion without participants having to endure discrimination from the opposite sex. Differences in female and male physiology determine strength and speed competitiveness; that is why athletics is contested on the basis of sex and not on “identity.”

I support Gov. Youngkin’s new model policies. As a parent and a Democrat, I appreciate his administration’s commitment to providing a bulwark against the subversion of parental rights.

Students’ interests, education and safeguarding are best served when schools cooperate with parents to maintain a dialogue based on trust, respect and transparency.

– Larry Patterson, Dumfries

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Paul Benedict

I agree 100% Mr. Patterson.

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