We, the residents of Bristow and surrounding communities, are writing this letter due to the lack of response from Board of County Supervisors Chair Ann Wheeler to our numerous requests for a town hall meeting with her and Supervisor Jeanine Lawson to hear our concerns about the proposed Devlin Technology Park.

We first invited Chair Wheeler to a town hall held by Supervisor Lawson in January. Chair Wheeler declined, citing a scheduling conflict. Since that time, Devlin was deferred indefinitely, and we again invited her and Lawson to hold a joint town hall. 

Lawson quickly replied to our initial request and offered to work around Wheeler’s schedule. Our final invite even suggested holding a town hall alone (without Lawson); however, all three of our requests were ignored by Wheeler and her staff.

During the Board of Supervisors meeting on April 20, Wheeler stated to Lawson, “I don’t intend to have a joint town hall with you, ever.” 

Additionally, she made a comment to Lawson, during a Board of Supervisors meeting on May 10, 2022, that she knows what kind of people show up to her town halls.

It has become evident to us that while Wheeler is supposed to represent everyone in the county, she has no intention of ever holding a town hall with the residents of Brentsville or Lawson, especially when it comes to the Devlin Technology Park. Her inactions have been noticed by the community, and Wheeler will see our response in the June primaries.

– Bethany Kelley, Bristow

Editor’s note: This letter was also signed by the following Bristow-area residents:

  • Wendy Abbott 
  • Lisa Agostini 
  • Bill Annibell 
  • Ali Aslan
  • Joel Becker
  • Tammy Blosil 
  • Pamela Ritchie Borer 
  • Christy Brown
  • Cindy Brown
  • Linda Burroughs 
  • Tony Calabria 
  • Stephanie Caparoula
  • William Caparoula 
  • Megan Carey 
  • Vida Carroll
  • Ronni Cepillo 
  • Fareira Charlene 
  • Albert Cheung 
  • Bamboo Christina 
  • Kristin Coleman 
  • Carrie Cox
  • Scott Csernecky 
  • Paula Daly
  • Kim Devine 
  • Lucia Dorr
  • Jon Dow
  • Jean Ellis
  • Rachel Ellis
  • Jan Ellison
  • Tom Ellison
  • Brett Fitzgerald 
  • Melissa Fitzgerald 
  • Ryan Fletcher 
  • Darryl Forsythe 
  • Jason Fox
  • Donna Gallant 
  • Alysha Gawhary 
  • Ronalie Giere 
  • Amy Goetz 
  • Carrie Gonzalez
  • Rick Goodman 
  • Maria GP
  • Cori Gustman
  • Terri Hammersmith 
  • Leigh Helms 
  • Jeanne Hickerson 
  • Agnieszka Howe 
  • Jorge Irizarry 
  • Marilyn Karp 
  • Bethany Kelley 
  • Karen Kennedy 
  • Kirby Kennedy 
  • Roman Kormeluk 
  • Kathy Kulick
  • Erin Lambert
  • Amy Smith O-Leary 
  • Tammy Leiter 
  • Stephanie Lockhart 
  • Ian Lovejoy 
  • Jennifer Lupton 
  • Molly Lynch
  • Jeff Mahoney
  • Laura Mahoney 
  • Catherine Marie
  • Jay Markanich 
  • Elizabeth Martorana 
  • Cindy McCain 
  • Elspeth McCormick
  • Paige McCullough 
  • Andrea Mckinney 
  • Christie Mendez
  • Becky Millen
  • Mike Mitchell
  • Casey Munsch
  • Mendy Myers
  • Melanie Ochalek Novy 
  • Terry Obermeyer
  • Reena Patil 
  • Sandesh Patil 
  • Jordyn Payne 
  • Mike Phillips 
  • Susan Phillips
  • Mo Plaza
  • Steve Pleickhardt 
  • Stephen Prior 
  • LouAnne Reuter 
  • Janice Rice
  • Terri Richtmyre 
  • Bianca Ricketts 
  • Kim Robinson 
  • Elaine Romanias 
  • Brian Rooney 
  • Linda Sanner 
  • Donna Sardinian 
  • Debby Schaan
  • Jamie Siller 
  • Karen Souther 
  • Ally Stoeger 
  • Jayne Turley 
  • Michael Turley 
  • Chris Webb
  • Pat Widener 
  • Erik Wiesbock 
  • Michelle Wilburn 
  • Bill Wright 
  • Elizabeth Yackel 
  • Cristen Younts
  • The HOA Roundtable of Northern Virginia

(4) comments

Jackie Chidders

Mr. Bill WRONG likes to go around our county trashing everybody when his only concern in life is how can 450,000 Prince William residents better serve his every individual need! Does he care about a single person other than himself??? Of course not! Does he care about a single person near Devlin?? Of course not! He cares only about things that impact him and everybody and everything else is nothing more than a means to an end for him!

The fact that he would say "Queen Ann" given his megalomanic personality and desire to be Prince William County's own dictator would be amusing if his personality weren't so obnoxious and offensive to any decent human being!

He will spew vile and hateful statements like a crazy person to anyone that looks at him wrong and if you dare not do something he wants then you get the crazy Bill WRONG! The best thing that could happen to this county is he leaves it! He keeps saying he will but now is the time for him to go and leave us all in peace! What an embarrassment he is to us all!

Donna Gallant

Jackie –

As I sit here reading your comments, I said to myself, “wow what is she talking about”.

First, let me share that your statements are 100% Invalid and inaccurate. Bill Wright is an amazing individual who has and continues to fight for what is right. It seems you are finding it difficult to grasp things, so I must ask myself, “what rock has Jackie been living under for the past few years”. With that being said, I feel compelled to share some facts with you since you seem to spew stuff with no facts:

1. Bill Wright has been and continues to be an engaging and supportive advocate for all residents within the Gainesville and Brentsville Districts of Prince William County. Is he vocal about the current situations this board has placed upon the residents, 100% and for that I applaud him for his efforts in working to preserve and protect Western PWC.

2. If you feel that his advocacy for the residents and this area is self-serving, you could not be farther from the truth.

Now let’s focus on some key facts:

1. Has Ann Wheeler and her crew made atrocious decisions that will forever change the lives of at least ½ the residents in PWC – 100%. She and her crew sit on the dais listen to developers present their Plans for development that is 100% skewed to what the developers want with absolutely no understanding on what they are approving.

2. Ann Wheeler has publicly stated (recorded meetings) on more than on occasion that they didn’t fully understand an application that was presented/approved and didn’t realize the impact, she has also gone so far to state – “we made a mistake”.

3. For the “mistake made” that was directly aligned to the Hunter Trust Property owned by Chuck Khun, where Ann and her board approved 70’ Data Center industrialization surrounding an entire community where those 70’ buildings will be 100’ from people’s property – This is 100% irresponsible.

4. There have been a multitude of other zoning approvals that will forever change the quality of life for many residents within Gainesville / Brentsville District, all at the hands of the greedy politicians who have absolutely NO regard for the residents impacted.

5. During public comment time, this board sits and listens and for Ann I am not sure she is listening she may hear people speaking but in NO way does she listen nor care what people are saying. ½ the time her head is down and again she doesn’t pay attention – that was plainly obvious when during public comment time, she was head down when the gentleman collapsed and had to be nudged and told what was happening, why because she truly doesn’t care what residents have to say.

6. Now let’s discuss her disregard to numerous requests for a Town Hall meeting, the articles published stated the facts and the statements made by Wheeler, she doesn’t intent to nor does she care to participate in “any” townhall meetings with “those people”. Well, “those people” are her constituents and residents whom she was elected to represent – the statements made by Wheeler are very telling.

7. She has time in her schedule to meet in secret with Developers but doesn’t have time to meet with residents – again very telling.

8. Now to the political race, she was asked to participate in a public debate with her Democratic Opponent and I believe she said something like, I am not going to do that, and I don’t see value (may not be 100% accurate but pretty darn close). I find it fascinating that she can say that given that debates have long been part of any political campaign process, heck the presidential race for the USA does it but Wheeler won’t. I continue to ask myself “why” is she scared? Is she worried her true self will be front and center for all to, see? Does she feel she is above that or that is beneath her, and she believes she is a shoe in for the election and will win? All questions everyone should be asking “WHY”

In closing, truly hope you take the time to understand the issues in play vice spewing your false and slanderous statements about Bill Wright.

Bill Wright

The controversial Devlin Technology Park proposal has dangled menacingly over the heads of Bristow residents since its vote was deferred from March 7th.

Chair Wheeler’s cavalier remark: “I don’t intend to have a joint town hall with you, ever” tells you all you need to know about her empathy for these threatened communities.

You wouldn’t think someone running for reelection would openly exhibit such obvious contempt for her constituents. But then who does Chair Wheeler believe she represents?

A recent report of donations to her campaign provides a telling roadmap of her loyalties. Devlin Technology Park’s developer Stanley Martin is listed, as is landowner Chuck Kuhn’s JK Land Holdings. A recent Prince William Times article stated her donors are: “Labor unions, real estate developers and organizations and individuals with ties to data centers.” Chair Wheeler is certainly no voice of the people.

What can citizens do when their elected representative practices such “selective representation”? They can exercise their democratic right to replace them with a more responsive official. Do it in the Democratic primary. Early voting is now underway.

Bill Wright

How fitting is this? Now Potomac Local News reports that our imperial Chair refuses to debate her opponent, stating: “I just don’t think it would be very productive, and it’s not the kind of forum I want to participate in at this time”.

She must have been watching too much of that coronation TV coverage and got the idea that her role is merely to wave at us from her gilded carriage. Interacting with commoners is so beneath her exalted status.

Now we know where the “Queen Ann” nickname came from.

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