Editor: After changing the name of Washington-Lee High School to Washington-Liberty, I’m a little perplexed at why the county’s name – Arlington – isn’t under more scrutiny.

Naming your county after the local slave plantation may be OK in Mississippi, but not in a progressive, politically correct place like Arlington.

I’d like to propose that the name of our county be changed to better reflect what it has become in the 21st century. Given the county government’s $23 million cash payoff to one of the world’s biggest and richest corporations, my suggestion for a more appropriate name would be “Amazon’s bitch.”

Ed Lytwak, Arlington

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On a variable scale of relevance to the atrocity at Charlottesville, blue Arlington and its signature high school were at the far, minimal, end of that relevance. But creative opportunists that they are, the school board morphed the minimal relevance into a reactive stunt, name change, to cover themselves with self-congratulatory rectitude in the wake of Charlottesville.

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