Editor: There’s a lot being said about the flooding that took place in the Westover area on July 8. Maybe an investigation should be given to the county drainage pipes and those gross inadequacies.

For example, the drainage pipe going down McKinley Road by Reed School and the other one coming from the northeast diagonally through the shopping center forming a “V” under said parking lot drain into a smaller pipe and then appears to go under Washington Boulevard. Supposedly, the two large pipes have six-foot diameters and they both drain into a two-foot pipe.

Twelve feet of water going into a two-foot pipe might explain why the manhole cover blew off from pressure in the Reed School area, flooding homes and businesses.

The county government IS responsible for poorly planned drainage systems. The county government IS responsible for infrastructure. It’s time to take care of things underground and caring about the residents of Arlington.

Martina Sabo, Arlington

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