Editor: Last week, the Arlington County Board adopted an emergency ordinance for social-distancing, mask-wearing outside and fines attached to areas that will be posted.

First, there is no mandatory mask-wearing outdoors in Virginia. Second, our ability to earn an income has been restricted or eliminated by the current pandemic and the decision-making of government, and they want to fine us?

More importantly, who is going to enforce these areas? The police? Their time would be better spent investigating cars and homes broken into, parks being vandalized and other crimes.

Months ago, a member of the county’s COVID task force approached me to “track and trace” my friends and neighbors without their knowledge. In grade school this would be called tattling (or snitching), and is a common practice in Communist countries. It also was prevalent in the National Socialist German Worker’s Party in Germany, commonly known as Nazis.

This undermines and destroys communities, friendships and families.

Why would elected officials deliberately want to turn us against ourselves? That may have been the plan since the beginning. It’s contemptible.

Referencing that there’s been a surge in COVID cases around the country ignores what is happening in Northern Virginia, where hospitalizations dropped. Maybe it’s just another example of Gov. Northam mixing up actual COVID cases with how many tests given to one person? He got caught at that before.

The county government should remember they work for the residents of this county; we are not subjects or slaves. Remember our state’s motto: Sic semper tyrannis.

Martina Sabo, Arlington

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