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Editor: This is response to Dudley Losselyong [“Biden, Not What He Purported to Be, Is Turning Back the Clock to the Bad Old Days,” Letters July 15].

• It is interesting that some support bringing Afghan Muslims who helped the U.S. military into the U.S. on compassionate grounds while cruelly supporting the separation of children from families and housing them in large prison-style confinement for years. Quite hypocritical.

• If Hunter Biden’s personal business is so injurious to the current president, then the sons and daughters of the last president are fair game, too. Slum lords, evading taxes, racial renting policies, intimidation of staff, taking on sensitive positions without any experience, interfering with national policy and investigations, charging taxpayers for stays in their business properties, long vacations and heavy security details, among others. Hunter Biden did none of those things.

• The Keystone Pipeline, as I understand it, wasn’t worth the effort to bring online for the amount of oil it would have produced while destroying a wilderness unnecessarily. As for China’s coal-power capacity, it apparently needs all the extra power to produce all of the low-cost everything that we import. If you don’t want them to increase power, simply stop buying the things they produce.

• I can’t speak to the production or lack of production of naval vessels, as the letter-writer did. If he thinks the current Administration really is deliberately reducing our Armed Forces in favor of China, he must have missed the close personal relationship of the former impeached president to anti-democratic regimes of China, Russia, North Korea, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

We can now circle back to other issues that the writer seems to have willingly glossed over, particularly the massive and deliberate mishandling of the COVID virus once it was shown that minorities and the elderly were most affected. And, of course, deliberately and wittingly advocating for the overthrow of the election process.

The “bad old days,” are actually behind us, not upon us as the letter suggests. We have a new president that is a real leader, decent, trustworthy and certainly more humane and civil than the previous one.

Tom Carrier, Oakton

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Harry Morant

This is Hilarious! Where do these people come from? Living in a complete and utter FANTASY LAND! Biden is seriously mentally impaired. He wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed in his prime. Now he has been "elected" beyond his abilities. Reminds me of the Emperor without any clothes story, which is fitting here, due to "Cobra's" past behavior around the VP residency's pool!

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