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Editor: A May 27 letter – “Marxist Propaganda Has No Place in FCPS” – has quite a number of flaws and fallacies regarding a simple instruction to be added to civics and social studies in the Fairfax school system.

What minorities are looking for, and I believe it is their due, is the necessity of being treated on an equal footing in every aspect of the current and future society without having to always fight for it, the way the white community doesn’t seem to have to. Education, policing, the law, housing, renting, jobs, credit, promotions, insurance, even medicine is designed away from the needs of any minority community.

The idea of “place” in the U.S. society over the last two centuries is definitely worth a class or two as part of social science. And that means everyone involved: black, white, Asian, immigrant, explorer, owner, owned, poor, rich, outlaw and neighbor should be recognized. Nothing quite wrong with any of that. And it is quite obvious that the letter-writer really had no idea what “Marxism” really entailed at all.

Language in the letter comes straight from the playbook of Trumpism to always pretend to be the opposite of their real aims – to keep minorities subservient.

It does seem, though, that the kids in school today have a much better understanding of equality. They will change current thinking away from the past and make it fairer. They not only know the facts, but have lived them. Nothing the older generation can ever do about that now.

Bless the kids, every one. They will get it right.

Tom Carrier, Oakton

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