I read your editorial entitled "Experience matters," dated July 24, 2020. You insult Elizabeth Guzman (VA-31), Jennifer Carroll Foy (VA-2) and Hala Ayala (VA-51), and by extension, all women in Virginia. Your article reeks of racism and sexism. You ask, "What do these women have in common?" You answer: "They're diverse". (Dogwhistle!) You compound this offensiveness with a lie, claiming Guzman, Foy, and Ayala have no committee experience. Could you not have done some basic research to discover the facts? Guzman is Chair of the Social Services Subcommittee, and Vice Chair of the Education Committee; Foy has seats on the Courts of Justice; Finance; and Public Safety Committees; and Ayala serves as a member of the Science and Technology Committee and the Finance Committee. Ayala has been the Chief Co-Sponsor of four bills that were enacted in 2019. The bills focused on issues including the foster care system, veterans benefits, public education zoning, and access to the School Breakfast Program and National School Lunch Program.

This past winter Elizabeth Guzman [led the effort] to pass a bill to lift Virginia's ban on public sector collective bargaining. The Daily Press noted Guzman waged a three year campaign to build support to raise the age at which juveniles are automatically tried as adults from 14 to 16. The paper called this law a "sweeping rethinking of how to deal with kids accused of felonies."

Jennifer Carroll Foy led the fight to make Virginia the 38th and final state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, banning discrimination on the basis of sex and guaranteeing equality for women under the Constitution.

You opine that Guzman, Foy, and Ayala need to wait until someday someone (who, you?) confers upon them "Experienced" status. You sniff and say it's all very well the women have "real-life experience" (patronizing!) but nobody knows them in "your" circles.

Wake up, InsideNoVA. It's a new day.

Moira Saucedo, Alexandria

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