In response to your EDITORIAL: Experience matters. As long as Virginia is ranked the 9th most corrupt state in the US with zero enforcement power on the weak campaign finance and ethics laws we do have, the candidates with so-called "experience" who have done nothing about this, can all pound sand.

We don't need their experience of being owned by special interests. Dominion Energy is allowed to operate as a monopoly in a state that has no limits on donations and no enforcement of campaign finance and ethics laws. This allows Dominion to get whatever they want, no matter how much it harms the people of Virginia. That is not Democracy.

Jennifer Carroll Foy is the only candidate running for governor of Virginia who has never accepted money from Dominion. Jennifer has always opposed new destructive pipelines and other fossil fuel production, in favor of less expensive and cleaner renewable energy.

That is the kind of person we need leading our Commonwealth. Someone who can harness the power of the people, break Dominion’s grip, and take back our Democracy, so we can move Virginia forward. Please join me in supporting Jennifer Carroll Foy for the governor of Virginia in 2021.

Todd Smyth, Alexandria

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