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Editor: I’m sorry, but I disagree with what I consider to be the over-concern about the year lost to COVID [editorial, Sept. 2]. I don’t think the concern is either warranted, or useful to our children.

This year may have caused less learning to happen, but that doesn’t mean that children don’t catch up. Knowledge isn’t timed to a certain year of a child’s life.

No one’s concerned if a high-school graduate takes a “gap year” before college, or if a parent delays sending their child to school at the earliest possible age. So what if the learning starts later, or if the decision is made for children to graduate at 19 instead of 18? Does it matter, as long as the material is learned?

In fact, this year could be considered an advantage, as children matured during the year, whether we’re aware of it or not, and may be more ready to learn when they return to school.

Worse, however, is what this sturm und drang is doing to our kids emotionally. Will they believe they’re incapable of catching up? Not true. Will they believe they’re permanently damaged by this year, always to be a little “less”? Also not true.

So there’s a delay. It’s too bad day-care isn’t universally safe and government subsidized, as it may be in the future, so that schools could have said, “It’s an unplanned gap year.” Then they could have resumed school as usual after COVID was under control, putting graduation off.

Would it really have made a difference?

We hear that kids are now valuing school more, and are eager to return. So relax. Kids are flexible, and will relax with you and expect to succeed if that’s what you expect of them.

Don’t tell them any different, because they might believe it, and it’s not true.

Cindy La Covey, Arlington

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