Editor: While it may be desirable to have more “Missing Middle” housing in Arlington, construction of more such housing will not result in more “affordable” housing.

The principal drivers of housing costs in Arlington are the cost of land (no new supply, because Arlington is fully developed) and the desire of homeowners to have spacious homes with high-end amenities (no one is putting Formica counters in new kitchens or bathrooms).

In addition, increased density will result in more demand for schools. Yet the County Board and staff steadfastly refuse to discuss the need for more schools (not to mention the cost and where they would be built) until after the pending study determines that more dense housing is needed, without any explanation as to why Arlington – already the most densely populated county in Northern Virginia – must accommodate additional people who want to move to the area.

County residents must demand answers from the County Board and staff.

Chip Watkins, Arlington

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The real problem is the front yards on most Arlington homes are too small to pave over to accommodate 6 or 7 cars which would allow “rooming houses” like they have in Manassas.


So much in-fill gentrification is occurring, even without Missing Middle infill gentrification, that neighborhood flooding will soon be an annual occurrence. Only about 10% of Arlington's Urbanist "Planners" live anywhere the infill gentrification they are facilitating.

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