Editor: My wife and I support Matt de Ferranti for re-election to the Arlington County Board.

We do not agree with him on everything. But we believe he studies issues carefully, seeks input from the entire community, and works hard to do the best for Arlingtonians.

Audrey Clement seems to be an opportunist in search of a job. We do not agree with many of her ideas, nor believe she could provide effective county leadership.

We have engaged County Board members on issues, including the roundabout on Military Road, restoring hours for the nature centers and Missing Middle. We believe our concerns have been heard, though the outcomes remain uncertain.

We believe that Missing Middle is well-intentioned but community engagement has been misdirected and poorly managed. We believe changes can still be made that will exclude six and eight units on a lot, that will protect the tree canopy, require adequate off-street parking on narrow streets and/or not near adequate public transportation, respect water-management infrastructure, and not negatively impact school-system capacity.

We believe that de Ferranti will work with other County Board members to come up with reasonable solutions. We will not jeopardize Arlington for a protest vote.

Marx and Joni Sterne, Arlington

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Donald Quella

If Independents don't win in Arlington it will be the fault of local media that put revenue from endorsing the status quo above Journalism, election, efter election.

Janet Smith

[thumbdown][thumbdown][thumbdown] What does NIMBY mean in north North Arlington? Not In Matt's Back Yard. Here's a guy who lives in a Williamsburg McMansion assessed for $1.7 million who wants to tear down older actually affordable small single family homes to be replaced by four-to=eight million dollar townhomes. To benefit his and the all-Democrat County Board's for-profit developer cronies. This on top of the all-Democrat Board's subsidized "affordable housing" program that's unaffordable to the low wage workforce. Time is long overdue for a change. Audrey Clement will have my vote next week. She should also have your vote.

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