Editor: The Nov. 28 editorial [“Our View: Students Should Be Protesting on Their Own Time”] was riddled with false assumptions, unfair condescension and general malarkey.

The very idea that a newspaper would criticize students who are advocating on the most important issue of our times – climate change – makes my skin crawl. One sentence resonated with me: “Perhaps we’re so old, gray and jaded that we just don’t care that we come across as cranky.”

There has always been much handwringing about the trophy generation or the whining generation. And yet, where does this whining editorial come from? The self-described old, gray and jaded.

First, young people are derided for not being civically engaged. And when they do engage? Derided again for not doing it on the “proper” terms. Meanwhile, temperatures and sea levels rise, storms and fires get more deadly, and the editorial writers of the Sun Gazette pontificate about taxpayer waste and three-day weekends.

What rubbish.

When I read newspapers, I look for the talented writers and reporters who aim their efforts upwards, and fight against sinister forces that abuse power and betray public trust. The Sun Gazette has instead spent valuable space criticizing students who want a better future. Punching down, and punching foolishly.

Karim Doumar, McLean

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