Editor: Thank you for your June 28 article [“Revised Library Requirements Irritating Some ‘Friends’ Groups”].

The story is not accurate in that neither the Tysons Library Friends or Reston Library Friends are “refusing” to sign the library’s memorandum of understanding (MOU). The deadline for signing the MOU has not passed and no final decisions have been made by either group.

Nor are the Tysons and Reston library Friends the only groups who take issue with the MOU. Several other library Friends groups also have serious concerns, and are weighing whether to sign.

In the end, the county government is coercing library Friends to sign a MOU that violates our consciences and the advice of our attorneys, or be evicted from the libraries we have served for decades. That is indeed a cruel and thoughtless way to treat faithful library volunteers.

Library Friends continue to seek compromise and cooperation rather than the heavy-handed, unilateral approach the county government has consistently pursued toward us.

Charles Keener, Oakton

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