Editor: I want to shout “kudos” to whomever in the Arlington County government got the idea of providing orange flags in metal baskets to be carried by pedestrians as they use crosswalks and intersections. I have used them several times, and love them.  

For some reason, drivers are more likely to stop for an orange flag than they are for a pedestrian.

Regarding the Oct. 3 letter [“Take a Simple First Step on Controlling Emissions”] that addressed the county government’s goal of reducing carbon emissions, I want to second that person’s idea of abolishing gas-powered lawn equipment. It is loud and dirty and definitely not “green.”

Regarding the Washington-Lee High School name-change issue, I want to second my disappointment that Henry “Light-Horse Harry” Lee was slighted. He was a fellow general in the Revolutionary War as well as a personal friend of George Washington, and he gave a eulogy at Washington’s funeral, famously remarking that Washington was “First in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen.”

Vicki Lyons, Arlington

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