The editorial in last week’s InsideNOVA claims our three local female delegates do not have enough experience to run for higher office—that they should wait their turn. I will grant you that has normally been the way things were done, but these are not normal times.

Doing things old-school is not effective anymore, we need candidates with passion and motivation in addition to an ability to learn. Delegates Foy, Guzman, and Ayala should be applauded for stepping forward to serve as our representatives and for having ambitions for higher office. It cannot be easy to step away from family and careers to spend 60/30 days in Richmond when the Assembly is in session.

Unlike InsideNOVA, not everyone thinks extensive experience is required to be successful. Forbes lists several reasons to hire the inexperienced candidate.

• People fall into mental ruts and don’t question processes, decisions, or strategies.

• When people are forced to learn a new industry, they apply what they’ve learned in other sectors.

• “Cookie-cutter candidates” who have performed the same job can become entrenched in their go-to methods.

• You get a diversity of ideas.

Three-fourths of our state delegates have served less than 10 years, which I think is a good thing, Virginia voters are keeping it fresh. I look forward to seeing Delegates Foy, Guzman and Ayala in higher office, sooner rather than later.

Mildred Carroll, Dumfries

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