Editor: Did we not learn anything from the fiasco of the last all-Democratic Arlington County Board and the million-dollar bus stops?

Well, here we go again: Spending money we don’t have (if you listen to board on budget shortfalls) for high-tech and showy design with little benefit or protection for the actual bus rider.

The older stops at least offer some protection from rain and snow. These new stops will just leave everyone vulnerable to all weather issues.  

We also have electronics included – which will, of course, break down and require huge maintenance and upkeep funding to allow everyone to feel “so happy” to know when the next bus is coming.

At this point, I wish our leaders would just leave South Arlington alone. They have disrupted the very core of what first attracted us to the Pike.

Now we are becoming another cookie-cutter Ballston, with a beautiful stone church torn down to build yet another huge high-rise on a Pike on property too small to comfortably accommodate it. We have huge traffic backups on the Pike because turn lanes were removed to give us “bigger sidewalks,” and we still have used-car lots on residential side streets. It goes on and on.  

Maybe this current all-Democratic County Board should go the way of the last one.

Mary King, Arlington

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