Editor: In its May 16 endorsement of incumbent Ray Morrogh for Commonwealth Attorney in Fairfax, the Sun Gazette failed to address any of the reform issues that Virginia voters overwhelmingly want in a commonwealth’s attorney.

Morrogh’s failure to accomplish real reform after over a decade in office shouldn’t be just cast aside. The endorsement itself admitted that Morrogh has not gone fast enough to reform the criminal-justice system.

In the far more conservative state of Texas, newly-elected prosecutors have done more in four months than Morrogh has in 12 years in office. Top prosecutors John Creuzot in Dallas and Joe Gonzales in San Antonio, both elected last November, have made significant strides to reduce incarceration by addressing bail, probation and the prosecution of marijuana.

The main reform achievement Morrogh cites is Diversion First. Yet it wasn’t even his creation. The county government, not Morrogh, began the program. And in reviewing numerous articles from the time, neither Morrogh nor his office were cited or quoted as being supporters or crucial to its creation.

Morrogh’s challenger, Steve Descano, a former federal prosecutor, has issued a nearly 20-page plan detailing what his approach will be to reverse the mass-incarceration crisis.

Fairfax has waited too long for criminal-justice reform; how much longer must Fairfax wait for Ray Morrogh’s plan?

Del. Ibraheem Samirah, Herndon

Samirah, a Democrat, represents the 86th District in the House of Delegates.

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