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Editor: Mary Kadera has passionately and thoughtfully advocated for students across Arlington for years. Her knowledge of education in general, and Arlington Public Schools specifically, comes from an impressive career in education that makes her uniquely qualified in this election.

She is an APS parent who, like so many of us, wants schools open as fully, quickly and safely as possible. However, she sees the full scope of issues at play, and she is the only candidate who has called for APS and the School Board to do the necessary planning and budgeting to have a strong start in August. She’s highlighted several factors that APS needs to consider and fund now to be ready for a full reopening, including safety measures, mental-health support, academic support and more.

Kadera’s thoughtfulness on the issue of reopening is but one example of the holistic and intelligent approach she would bring to the role.

What impresses me most in listening to her talk throughout this campaign is she has a clear understanding of what the School Board can and cannot do. Knowing the levers and tools at your disposal as an elected leader is critical to success.

Kadera is best qualified to push the APS staff for better and more complete analyses on the myriad issues that will impact our families. This is why I am supporting her for School Board.

Jeff Harris, Arlington

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John Smith

While I appreciate your support for Mary Kadera, stating that she has brought thoughtful approach to reopening our schools as soon as possible is simply incorrect.

Her willingness to give up on instruction for the remainder of this school year was disappointing - and thus while your notation that she is the only candidate focusing on reopening in the Fall of 2021 is correct...it's because the other candidate, Miranda Turner, has been focused on putting kids back in classrooms as soon as possible. Meaning - last Fall, this Spring, 4 weeks ago and this Summer. It's unfortunate that she is the only candidate advocating for that - while Mary Kadera has thrown the towel in (including on Summer school) and let our kids down.

She'll simply be more of the same group think already seen in APS - a vote for her will not change anything in APS, and it's why Miranda Turner will win this election in a landslide.

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