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Editor: We were surprised and dismayed to learn Arlington plans to replace its existing logo.

Surprised, because such action was sprung on us without our advice or consent. Dismayed, because of the steep cost such a move entails.

It will cost no insignificant sum to remove and replace the logo on the county government’s hundreds of vehicles, property signs and communication platforms.

In our fair county, pedestrian bridges wiped out by the flash flood of 2019 have yet to be repaired. Residents’ requests for stop signs at high-volume intersections are ignored. County traffic is rife with problems. There are far more pressing problems in the county needing attention.

I’m certain if residents were asked “What should our government spend money on to make the county more livable?”, changing the logo would not receive so much as a mention. Yet, this is what the county government is choosing to waste our money on.

Art Levine, Arlington

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Janet Smith

FYI - Stop signs, crosswalks, and traffic signals are being installed every 50 feet on continually narrowed streets and roads, in an apparent ad hoc manner. Some intersection improvements cost $1 million or more. Do we really need police, fire, and EMS vehicles slowed even more by "Vision Zero" aka "Zero Vision" so-called transportation planning?

Allen Muchnick

Vision Zero is an eminently clear goal and is based on objective data. It's the exact opposite of "zero vision".

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