Editor: I am writing because I am extremely frustrated.

The drivers of Metro and ART buses are for the most part very conscientious, I am sure. But, for the past month or two, I have had more buses pass me by than I can remember happening, ever.

And they don’t just pass by. They speed by. One driver, after picking me up, said she did not have to stop unless she was flagged down.

In one week alone, I was passed twice by two different buses on two different routes – a 38B bus across from Whole Foods and an ART 72 bus on Four Mile Run by the DMV. The driver that I dealt with acted as if she just had to drive her route and didn’t have to stop even if she saw someone sitting at her pick-up location. I have a feeling that this is how all Metro drivers feel.

I am here to burst the bubble of you social-justice warriors. Society does not often correct the situation for the disabled pedestrian. The lone pedestrian has to complain.

I oftentimes can’t see the bus, and like to read while waiting for the bus. The bus is supposed to stop for me. (Most times they do.)

Since there are enough drivers that do obey the rules of Metro and ART in this regard, I suggest that the transit agencies demote or fire the rest. And perhaps they could even do some better training on how to serve the public.

Emily Pfister, Arlington

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