Editor: While Ian White [“Bathroom Policy Is a Step in the Right Direction,” Letters Aug. 15] is fair to suggest that letter-writer Jenny Sullivan’s tone regarding the Arlington County government’s recent action on access to government restrooms and locker rooms could have been less blunt, it doesn’t make her points invalid.

I take it Mr. White never heard of Maya Dillard Smith, the head of the Atlanta ACLU, who resigned after her daughters had a scare over men in a women’s restroom?

Mr. White’s tone wasn’t much better, labeling Ms. Sullivan as transphobic. Those of us who support a woman’s right to choose the first situation in her life where she is exposed up close to fully developed male genitalia don’t label those who disagree with us as anti-choice.

While I don’t see some common ground where both sides can agree, toning down the rhetoric would probably be a good start.

Jeff Walyus, Arlington

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