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Editor: Terry McAuliffe has offered what he calls a “Plan of Action for a Fairer Commonwealth: Creating a More Equitable Justice System That Works for All Virginians.” Only his plan does not work for all Virginians.

The plan focuses entirely on those who have committed crimes – there is no mention of protecting or supporting the Virginians who have been victimized by the criminals his plan is trying so hard to help.

McAuliffe’s plan insults prosecutors, judges and law-enforcement officers – and even public defenders – by claiming, without citing any evidence, that our state’s criminal-justice system “remains rife with racial, socio-economic, and geographic injustices.”

McAuliffe says the “best way to fix problems is to hear from those directly affected by the issues we are facing and take aggressive action to address them” – except that he isn’t listening to victims and those in the criminal-justice system who work every day to protect us.

Virginia doesn’t need a governor with this attitude right now.

Joseph Capone, Oakton

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Janet Smith

Another Hillarycrat heard from...yet again. Never mind about real crime, police aren't arresting drivers of high performance vehicles with aftermarket exhausts and no catalytic converter going 85 in a 55.

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