Editor: Jan. 22 is an important day for our community. It is the date of the appeal hearing addressing the Newport Academy rehab facilities moving into residential neighborhoods. 

In 2018, Newport Academy bought $11.4 million of residential real estate in McLean, with plans to open rehab facilities in our neighborhoods – without community input or county permits. 

Thankfully, some members of the community caught wind of the plans, and forced a conversation with the county government, causing them to rule that three adjacent rehab facilities are not allowed without a permit. 

However, what about three or four on a single street or in a single neighborhood?  This is presently an option for the rehab industry in Fairfax County, which has become an enormous business across the country. 

Local residents are demanding that rehab facilities require a county permit to operate, so the county government can regulate the number of facilities and appropriate locations of these treatment centers, as they do with any other business that operates in a residential neighborhood. 

Does a rehab facility belong a few hundred feet from an elementary school? We don’t believe it does, so we’re asking for support of the community at the Jan. 22 appeal hearing, which starts at 9 a.m. at the Fairfax County Government Center.

For more information, visit www.protectfairhousing.com.

Jason Hein, McLean

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