Editor: Arlington’s new County Board chairman, Matt de Ferranti, says it is time for Arlington to remedy its racial and economic equity failures. He and the other board members are convinced that this is achievable via “missing middle” proposals to eliminate single-family zoning and densify Arlington.

During the last 11 months, where was the County Board’s commitment to education (the true root of racial and economic equity)? What were the actions for education and family involvement and its crucial role in equity?

What has happened to the vulnerable families and their children for the last 11 months of vital education and brain development? Were they all getting their daily education? How many have fallen through this huge crack and when will we see the sad results of this?

The well-off have taken care of their kids, but what has “virtual” schooling, missing sports, dwarfed music/arts education and closed libraries done for the less-advantaged, second-language-learners and special-needs children in Arlington – no matter their color?

There is no quick fix, and the goal of “missing middle” to build townhouses and condos in single-family neighborhoods is certainly not going to produce “equity” for these families. Rather, they will be driven out of Arlington as we further gentrify.

Let’s deliver resources, especially in math and science, so any disadvantaged kids have the same access to the ladder of success as those well-off.

Margie Bell, Arlington





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