Editor: Many care about Arlington and what can be done to keep it a diverse, livable, workable, attractive community, open to all. But as a lifelong resident, I see how hard it is for my children and so many others who help make this county hum to afford to make Arlington their home.

According to Housing Virginia, seven of 10 homeowners and three of four renters in Arlington earning $36,000 spend more than 50 percent of their income on housing. Ten thousand Arlingtonians face this cost burden and its well-documented knock-on effects on health, education and job prospects.

“Density” is not a dirty word. The simple truth is we will have to get creative if we want the market to help us create the homes we need to keep Arlington a diverse and vibrant community.

Reasonable changes in density need to be part of the solution. Twenty percent of Arlingtonians live on eighty percent of Arlington’s land. Allowing more units in the same space, or over retail, would produce more, smaller, less expensive units. Ask developers, as I have, and they will tell you this is true.

This is an important conversation for all of us who love Arlington’s diversity. Let’s bring our best minds and our best intentions to the solution.

Pamela Quanrud, Arlington

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