Editor: Having moved to the D.C. region for graduate school nearly a decade ago, we made Arlington our home when we bought a single-family house last year. We enjoyed the walkable neighborhoods, the proximity to Washington and easy access to the region’s natural beauty.

As architects, my wife Carrie and I purposefully chose our home here for a number of reasons. The county government’s clear and flexible accessory-dwelling-unit (ADU) regulations assured us of a path to create a three-generation home for our future family. For my in-laws, they will need space of their own to age gracefully, surrounded by their future grandchildren.

My father-in-law, who lives with progressive disability, will benefit from aging-in-place design and the dignity of autonomy. With Arlington’s Missing Middle Study, we were encouraged that we could make this dream a reality.

This potential flexibility will give us design options to host visiting family members to help care for our in-laws.

Our neighborhood, like numerous others, has seen itself transform even in the short time since we’ve bought our home here. The changing needs of families and lifestyles means the character of any neighborhood is evolving and representative of diverse residents who call Arlington home. Providing options to design their dreams makes our communities more affordable, diverse and nimble for future changes.

Many residents have left their mark on their homes, and the same holds true for any ADU, townhouse, duplex or other options considered in the Missing Middle study.

Stephen Parker, Arlington

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I completely oppose anything related to "Missing Middle". It's outrageous that Elitist Lexus Liberals (who could they be?) who live in luxury single-family detached homes are calling anyone who owns a single family detached home "racist".

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