Editor: Earlier this summer, I wrote a cranky letter to the editor about the recently completed vehicular rotary on Hunter Mill Road in Oakton.

This rotary continues to baffle many drivers, who often don’t know whether to stop, go or crawl through the circle like a snail, which is the most common behavior. If this isn’t maddening enough, I also reported that the plantings inside of the rotary have completely gone to weed and include an occasional pop-up advertising sign.  

That situation is now worse, as nothing has been done with the landscape since originally planted.

As a lyric – “sign, sign, everywhere a sign” – from the 1971 hit by the Five Man Electrical Band conveys, it appears the government brain trust has come to our rescue. Recently, I counted no less than 16 signs at this location that now tell drivers all sorts of things, like: rotary coming, direction to travel, yield, street names (at least 10 feet long), pedestrian crossings, etc.  

If stalled at this rotary, at least drivers now have ample reading material to keep themselves occupied.

As noted in my earlier letter, I plea to local and state leaders to please save us from ourselves and do NOT build any more rotaries on Hunter Mill Road. Finally, I offer to help government officials and any local garden club if there’s any interest in sprucing up the plantings adjacent to the rotary.

James Zinn, Vienna

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