Editor: As a resident of Salona Village, I am writing in opposition to Monroe Capital’s proposal to operate its medical-treatment business in a house at 1318 Kurtz Road, by right, under the Fair Housing Act.

Just because a for-profit corporation calls a facility a “group home” doesn’t make it a group home. A group home is protected under the Fair Housing Act, but this only applies to buildings designated for occupancy as a residence.

The1318 Kurtz Road property is intended for a short-term medical intervention of six to 10 weeks, and then the patient returns to their residence in whichever state they come from.

At a price of $1,000 per day, it would be difficult to justify this as a place where anyone would plan to reside. It is a place to receive intense medical therapy, for severely disabled teenagers, provided by a for-profit corporation. It needs to go under zoning review to determine if this business is an appropriate use of housing in a residential neighborhood with houses situated on lots mostly a half acre or less.

Local government needs to balance the interests of their residents living in a neighborhood of single-family homes in fairly compact communities with the interests of these teenagers who are looking for treatment to help them get back to a normal life. I call upon our elected representatives to work with the company to find suitable housing on large lots in less-dense neighborhoods, which can accommodate the many cars and multiple visitors throughout the day and night that are necessitated by the nature of the business being run in the facility.

Michael Goldberg, McLean

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