Editor: Four pedestrians have been killed in Arlington this year, none of them on North Stafford Street. How can it be, then, that the county government’s top priority for “traffic calming” is North Stafford Street, where it plans to create parking on alternating sides with an abundance of street signs and paint, at a cost of $20,000?  

The plan was developed before gaining input from startled residents, who then made their preference for speed bumps known. Alas, the average speed on Stafford (of the 15 percent of drivers who exceed the 25 miles per hour speed limit), did not meet the county’s threshold of 32 miles per hour to “justify” a speed bump.

The death of the fourth pedestrian recently, at the same intersection in which a pedestrian was killed in 2014, causes me to question Arlington’s priorities.

Why not listen to residents, give North Stafford Street a couple of inexpensive speed bumps and spend the bulk of that $20,000 making that far more dangerous intersection safe for pedestrians?

Karin Ringheim, Arlington

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