Editor: I was very disappointed in the Arlington County Board’s response to the recent flooding.

After years of study and inaction about what to do about the inadequate stormwater system, board members have been spinning rather than trying to assure residents that the problems will be solved.

We were lucky in that we had no damage, but we have friends and neighbors who weren’t. Sadly, many of them have been repeat victims of the County Board’s inaction.

The time to wait and sit on your hands is over – it is past time to take action.

As for County Board member Erik Gutshall, who told a flooding victim (and, as a county resident, his boss), “Perhaps you should reconsider where you live,” the comment was indefensible.

I am a partisan Democrat. I call on Gutshall to do the right thing and reconsider the job he holds. He is not fit to be a public official. I will not support his renomination or ever vote for him again. He needs to go. And the remaining board members need to do better and actually tackle this important issue.

Christopher Bjornson, Arlington

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