Editor: I submit this in agreement with James Zinn’s recent letter to the editor [“Please, No More Roundabouts on N.Va. Roads”].

Today’s governments, and much of society, have turned into whiny, overprotected twerps. I wish that the governments would allocate more money for road repairs and none for all the nonsense – such as speed bumps, bogus traffic circles and salt.

The “traffic circles” are dangerous, as they veer vehicles off their course, potentially forcing them into parked vehicles or pedestrians. A body in motion tends to stay in motion and in the same direction/course.

Richard Otto, McLean

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You could try slowing down. They are intended to maintain the flow of traffic without resorting to traffic lights or 4 way stops. They are used successfully all over Europe.

If you cannot drive them, I suggest taking a remedial lesson.


I agree with no more round-a-bouts. Personally I have no problems with them, but, a lot of people in this area are "challenged" with 4 way stop signs at crossroads and yield signs. And they definitely don't know or understand who has the right of way. When we went to school, we had drivers training, classroom and on the road. A lot of the "new" ones driving today are being trained by people that didn't have either. They are the ones that really do need classroom and on the road by professional people, not by someone who thinks they know how to drive our streets.

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