Editor: To keep the name of Washington-Lee High School the same, the five hardheads of the Arlington School Board could have substituted “Richard Henry” for “Robert E.” with minimal cost or collateral damage.

But the minimal option was not their intent. The punitive School Board members drooled for a maximum version of collateral damage: Sever the school’s identity from its recognizable history of positive achievements.

Donald Morey, Arlington

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Dave Schutz

It's a good strategy, and it's the strategy employed by our brothers and sisters in King County Washington who decided they couldn't stand to be in a place named for the vile slave holder Rufus de Vane King so they renamed themselves after Martin Luther King. No stationery was harmed!

Board members could consider this strategy for our major east west boulevard, now named for the nasty segregationist Woodrow Wilson and note that we could well honor Frank Wilson, long-time School Board member - at similarly low costs for signage, stationery, etc.


Thank you Dave for that excellent example. Sadly it would not have made a dent in the impenetrable Five Hard Heads. They haven’t entertained a new thought since the braindead birther’s “fine people” polluted Charlottesville.

Civility demanded a renamed school honor available honorable Lees not involved with the Confederacy: Richard Henry, Lighthorse, or Harper. A willful rejection of the whole family tree or others because they share that last name would be an exercise in guilt by association, rejected as McCarthyism half a century ago. ANY CRITERIA THAT EXCLUDE THEM ARE ARTIFICES CONCOCTED FOR THAT PURPOSE. Civility lost.


The great irony is that the ARLINGTON County School Board, still serves in ARLINGTON, named for ARLINGTON, Robert E. Lee's plantation.

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