Editor: Forced busing is in the news, thanks to remarks by Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris. It was timely for Fairfax County residents, since forced busing is on the ballot this coming November.

Most residents are unfamiliar with the One Fairfax Policy passed by the Board of Supervisors and adopted by the School Board in 2017. The policy mandates the School Board factor “equity” into its decision making.

What does that mean for school boundaries? Outgoing board member Pat Hynes gave us a strong clue when she stated that busing kids out of their current districts is a key School Board priority.

“Busing” conjures up memories of the failed busing policies of the 1970s that were, and are, heavily opposed across all demographics. “Equity”-based redistricting is the School Board’s attempt to implement the same failed social engineering policy, but under a different name.

Many dismiss the concern about equity-based redistricting as farfetched or fear-mongering. But in Montgomery County, Md., students already are being bused out of their home districts to schools across the county. Democrat-backed members and prospective members of the Fairfax School Board want the same thing here, though with different terminology.

The consequences of forced, radical redistricting along racial and socio-economic lines will be the same as forced busing – disrupted neighborhoods, chaotic property values, increased divisiveness and a deprioritization of academic achievement. It will put key life decisions in the hands of politicians controlled by outside special interests, rather than local residents.

Jeff Norris, Vienna

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