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Editor: In response to the McLean Citizens Association’s (MCA) questioning of the proposal by the Fairfax County Park Authority and McLean Community Center for changes to McLean Central Park, I mostly agree with MCA, and have the following questions:

• What is the reason, according to Park Authority spokesman Judy Pedersen, that “the McLean Community Center is very interested” in seeing the amphitheater move forward? Why is it more important for the MCC to push the project than to determine whether the public wants it in the first place?

• Wouldn’t residents be better served by a picnic area, including a covered structure where friends and families, children’s sports teams and other groups could meet for holidays, end-of-season and end-of-school-year cookouts? I am not aware of another such facility in McLean, and it is needed.

• Why not spend the available funds for maintenance of existing facilities that have been neglected?

• Since the McLean Community Center is supported by the Dranesville Small District 1A tax surcharge, not by the county government, shouldn’t the residents of this district decide on what their dollars should be spent?

• Finally, why are the published Fairfax County project maps, such as the McLean Central Park redesign concept plan, invariably unreadable? I understand they need to be small, but do they need to be fuzzy (enlarged or not) and the text delineating the changes also always in low-contrast print? With the high quality of smart-phone cameras, it should not be a problem to create photos that would be sharp even when considerably enlarged.

It cannot be said that the public has been duly informed when the information given them is illegible.

Marty Smith, McLean

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