Editor: For many years, I had the honor of representing Arlington and Falls Church in various capacities, including the state Senate, Arlington County Board and the School Board. Since retiring from the Senate, I’ve continued to remain active in the community on affordable-housing issues, philanthropy and my Presbyterian church.

I say this not to tout my accomplishments, but to explain why I support Parisa Tafti for the Democratic nomination for commonwealth’s attorney for Arlington and Falls Church.

Theo Stamos has been a prosecutor in the office for the last 31 years. I know her and I’m grateful for her service, but it’s clear that we need further reform in our criminal-justice system, and Tafti has the experience and the vision to deliver the change that we need.

I was dismayed when Stamos signed on to the lawsuit challenging the restoration of voting rights for felons when they had completed their sentences. That was important to me, because it was an issue that I had worked on for a long time in the Senate.

Her stance on several issues, including cash bail and the death penalty, tells me she’s not the candidate who will implement the reforms that I would like to see.

As a member of the legislature, I pushed for progressive reforms on renewable energy, tax policy, education and health. It’s time we do the same for criminal justice. Tafti has my support and, on June 11, she will have my vote.  

Mary Margaret Whipple, Arlington

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Food for thought

Awesome letter from an experienced Arlington resident with inside knowledge.

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