Editor: “But what about the other side?” This is the most common response when gun-rights advocates look at gun-safety panels, opportunities to talk about safe storage and keeping guns away from children.

I’d like to turn the question back to them. What is the “other side”? Is there a side that wants children to be shot? To have guns used and stored in an unsafe manner? I doubt it.

Instead, I ask them, “What can we do to create some balance?” For folks who want concealed-carry, what safeguards of training and registration can there be so the public feels secure? For those opposed to closing loopholes in laws regarding domestic-abuse and gun-show purchases because it is a nuisance, what inconvenience are you willing to take on so that others can be safe?

As the special session in the General Assembly approaches, I am begging lawmakers and the groups that advocate to them to step back and see where we can find the balance.

No one is going to get everything they think they want, but together we can move forward with what Virginia needs.

Sarah Erdman, Vienna

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