Editor: I love the drive from my house in Arlington to the District of Columbia. In high school, I made the trip three times a week.

Crossing the Teddy Roosevelt Bridge brings back good memories – until I see the murky, polluted Potomac.

The Potomac River and other waterways are polluted by plastics, the worst of which is polystyrene, or Styrofoam.

Polystyrene never degrades. Instead, it breaks into tiny pieces which birds and fish mistake for food. They fill up on polystyrene and end up starving.

If Virginia cares about our waterways and the wildlife that live there, we can start protecting them now, by banning polystyrene statewide. It’s not the simple answer, but it’s one step closer to clean, populated lakes and rivers.

I urge you to research Environment Virginia’s “Wildlife Over Waste” campaign to learn how you can help.

Lizzie Discenza, Arlington


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