Editor: Since I was in high school, I have been a dedicated Democrat. In nearly every election cycle, I have voted, volunteered for and donated to Democrats up and down the ballot for every office.

I consider myself a progressive, having supported Bernie Sanders in 2016 and Elizabeth Warren in 2020, and never imagined I’d have reason to vote for a non-Democrat. That changed this year, when Adam Theo announced his candidacy for County Board.

While I know and respect the incumbent Matt de Ferranti, he lacks any major accomplishments or initiatives in his time in office. Those listed on his Website were either spearheaded by others if not outright opposed by de Ferranti at the outset.

Even on his passion issue – child hunger – I have found myself angered by his approaches. In April 2020, at a time when people were out of work, businesses were closing, and there were hours-long lines for free food and supplies along Columbia Pike, de Ferranti proposed a single change to the county budget: paying a consultant $50,000 to study hunger. The proposal even faced opposition among his Democratic colleagues on the board, and in my mind demonstrated a lack of judgment during a once-in-a-generation crisis. The hunger was right there for all to see; we did not need to study it, we needed to act.

In Adam Theo, we have the chance to elect a real advocate for change, someone who would have a clear purpose in elected office.

A cofounder of NOVA YIMBYs and a longstanding supporter of ranked-choice voting, Theo is dedicated to solving our housing crisis and ensuring more equitable representation on our County Board. As a Democrat and a progressive, Theo would represent my values better than any candidate on the ballot this year.

I enthusiastically look forward to voting for Adam Theo in this November’s election, and I encourage my fellow Democrats and progressives to do the same. Follow your values, not a sample ballot!

Grace White, Arlington

White in 2020 was campaigns director for Arlington Young Democrats.

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Donald Quella

No way I will vote for anyone who wants to infill the County out of a "housing crisis" that's existed for decades. The more "affordable housing" that's constructed in Arlington the more expensive housing gets. Time for an end to so-called "Smart Growth".

Janet Smith

[thumbdown]to neighborhoods with small affordable single family homes inundated by so-called missing middle infill to benefit out-of-state developers. I greatly resent people who live in large single family homes telling us massive residential infill is "good" for us.

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