Editor: Long-time residents of Northern Virginia and natives such as myself will surely remember the citizenry calls from the 1970s that the state government was keeping most of the tax money remitted by an already then prosperous Northern Virginia and returning very little in the way back for local aid, schools and roads.

Eventually, some in the Northern Virginia community began to seriously think about trying to break the northern part of the state off from the rest of Virginia to try to achieve fiscal and political equity.

I believe the time has come once again to consider this as a viable option.

Northern Virginia counties and residents send enormous financial resources to Richmond each year, which are redistributed to the rest of the state that is nowhere near as prosperous as the local area, with relatively little coming back home.

Additionally, the northern part of the state has moved highly liberal on the political spectrum during this time, while the rest of the state, for the most part, has not.

As such, I honestly believe it is time to take control of our own financial and political destinies and split the state into three parts. One would be the state of Northern Virginia, the second would be known as the state of Central Virginia and, finally, the southwest part of the state, so long ignored by Virginia lawmakers, would be ceded to West Virginia.

A perfect trifecta for 21st-century governance!

Keith Peregonov, Haymarket

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