Editor: I would like to comment of the imminent destruction of my great-great-uncle John E. Febrey’s house [“Rouse Estate Preservation Effort Appears to Be Failing,” Sun Gazette Dec. 17].

The house was built on approximately 173 acres in 1859 on land he had purchased from his father, Nicholas Febrey.

John E. Febrey was active in his community, as was all of the Febrey family. He was an early superintendent of schools, co-founder of Dulin Chapel in Falls Church and almoner of the poor in what was then Alexandria County. His farm by all accounts was one of the “ handsomest” in the county. 

His older brother, Henry, and his son, William (my great-grandfather) were on the Board of Supervisors for many years.

The history of my family in very much intertwined with that of Arlington County. That relationship continues to this day.

 It is too bad that an historic landmark can’t be saved. Too much of Arlington’s history already has given way to a bulldozer.

Michael Febrey, Darnestown, Md.

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Well just wait until all the commercial office space sits empty because folks figured out they can be just as productive and more happy working from home. Whose going to pay the taxes on the empty buildings? How is Arlington going to pay for all the services it’s citizens demand? I know...Defund the police.


Only more New Urbanism aka infill-for-the-sake-of-infill gentrification (successor to Urban Renewal of 60 years ago). Urbanists are typically Range Rover Republicans and Lexus Liberals (and their Media facilitators) who get rich making every neighborhood an upscale redevelopment with the costs and consequences passed on to the workforce, middle class, and environment. Only about 10% of the VIP Urbanist decision makers, who are doing to the suburbs what their parents and grandparents did to the cities starting about 65 years ago, live near "vibrant" Smart Growth. Latest component of their New Urbanism ideology is repurposing streets and sidewalks vis "Complete Streets" and "Car-Free Diet" for recreation. That's the future of the redeveloped Rouse Estate.

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