Editor: In response to the recent Sun Gazette online article “Va. Transportation Officials Pin Hopes on Revenue Boosts, Silver Line,” an online commenter noted that “Someone should be asking what happens when electric vehicles become common and electric-vehicle owners charge them with solar panels on the garage roof.”

I’m about half way there, myself – I have the roof panels and expect that when I can no longer coax another year out of my 2005 vehicle, I will replace it with a plug-in hybrid. This could enable me to enjoy Virginia’s roads without making any serious contribution to their costs.

Nice for me, but not very fair to everyone else.

The article quotes Virginia Transportation Secretary Shannon Valentine as saying that state officials are “studying longer-term options for different kinds of user fees and will present choices to the legislature,” adding that this was the first time in Virginia’s history when gas-tax revenues were going down while vehicle miles traveled were increasing.

The user fees being considered by the state should include widespread use of EZPass type gantries, charging drivers for their road use, and the tolls charged should be higher during rush hours.

Dave Schutz, Arlington

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