Editor: It’s immensely disheartening to see what anti-choice politicians have done for the people of Virginia.

Back in 2013, they decided that, because they couldn’t ban abortion outright, they would chip away at health care by passing medically unnecessary restrictions that led to women’s-health centers shutting down in Virginia. These restrictions are called Targeted Regulations Against Abortion Providers, or TRAP laws. They are politically motivated and burdensome for women and their health-care centers alike.

As a man, I’m able to get the health care I need to remain healthy and autonomous. A woman who lives in Virginia and under TRAP restrictions does not have the same ability. These politicians decided they knew what was best for a woman, instead of a woman herself, and they have effectively shown they do not actually care about the women in their state – they only care about denying health care to women, with the intention to control them.

TRAP regulations have had a real effect. Ninety-two percent of counties in Virginia do not have an abortion clinic. TRAP laws disproportionately harm low-income women, women of color, young women and women who live in rural areas.

As Virginians, we need to stand up and push back against TRAP laws. They are only hurting our mothers, sisters and daughters.

As abortion bans began sweeping across state legislatures in early 2019, we must ensure that it doesn’t happen here in Virginia, where 72 percent of people support a woman’s personal decision to have access to safe, legal abortion care.

Scott Rainey, Arlington

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A MAN has no business in deciding what is best for a GIRL/WOMAN. A man can plant a seed and move on an never look back. It's the girls/woman's life that can be messed up. If the woman is married, then it should be their decision. But, the bottom line, the women has to bare the brunt of the pregnancy, physically and mentally. No one should be forced one way or another. IT should be THEIR choice, not some congressperson.

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