Editor: We recently marked 19 years since the attack on our country on Sept. 11, 2001. People say “Never Forget,” but words without actions mean nothing.

Having been invited to the Pentagon after the attack on our country, I won’t forget. I was invited to the fulfill mandates in security. After success of that, I was asked to stay. They created a career specifically for me. My offer came via phone call to my office in the Pentagon on the day Madrid, Spain, was attacked: March 11, 2004. It was exactly 11 months from when they asked me to stay. It took exactly 11 months for them to create that career.

I have a photo, with the Taylor 9-11-01 guitar made specifically by my request from Taylor for the Pentagon, was taken inside the Pentagon Memorial, 50 feet away from where American Airlines flight 77 crashed inside the building.

I created a nonprofit, the only one started in the Pentagon, also as a result – and I assure you, people forgot. Trying to get funding to help those who defend freedom, is at the least an example that people have forgotten.

Dave Minyard, Vienna

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