Editor: I support the Arlington County Board’s proposed changes to residential zoning.

Right now, 78 percent of the county is limited to single-family homes. In my neighborhood, bulldozers are plowing up a 9.5-acre site to build 40 homes, selling for at least $2 million each.

The site is adjacent to the commercial district of Seven Corners and across the road from an apartment complex. It could have accommodated multiplexes and townhomes, but it was zoned for single-family. It was easier for the builder to comply with the current zoning rather than go through a lengthy process to change it.

Opening up zoning to multiplexes will provide more options to many people – first-time buyers, renters who are locked out of the current expensive market, elderly people who wish to stay in the county, to name just a few. We need to make room for people who cannot afford large expensive homes or apartments.

Ann Ulmschneider, Arlington

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Donald Quella

Missing Middle is the latest expensive in-fill urbanization agenda item to benefit the same developers, land use consultants, in-fill builders, and others looking to make every neighborhood an in-fill redevelopment opportunity. One-party County government has had 25 years to make subsidized "affordable housing" work and all that's done is construct upscale apartment buildings at $400,000 to $500,000 per unit, unaffordable to Arlington's low wage workforce and middle class that badly need basic actually-affordable housing.

Janet Smith

As extensively reported in the Sun Gazette, same County Board that's for Missing Middle opposed anything but construction of expensive single family homes on the former Rouse estate.

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