Readers offer their pitches for Pfitzner Stadium's next act

InsideNoVa readers are offering their suggestions for the future of Pfitzner Stadium with the expected exit of the Potomac Nationals. Suggestions include a music venue like the Felene Center at Wolf Trap National Park in Vienna.

The Prince William Board of County Supervisors recently sought suggestions from private firms about the future for Pfitzner Stadium. The aging 34-year-old baseball field has been home to the Potomac Nationals, but the team will be relocating to a new $35 million stadium in Fredericksburg as early as spring 2020.

Supervisors we spoke with appeared unenthused with the private proposals, but readers of InsideNoVa offered many different suggestions for the site near the Prince William Parkway.

Send your suggestions and comments about Pfitzner Stadium's future to

“This county really needs a facility that would support indoor track, county-wide basketball tournaments and other events. Our kids used to travel to Fork Union for events and over to Maryland. The time is now to take advantage of a space that has plenty of parking and could be a great asset to the county.” -Daniel Butts

“Since this is the last year for the fair, this area should be preserved and used for events, concerts and a smaller version of the fair — call it Celebrate Prince William, like Fairfax does. But I’m not sure there’s enough parking for that.” -Ronnie Crigger

“I disagree with Corey Stewart. That location was excellent. And it was very convenient to attend games. The extra fields were a bonus for county sports teams. A modernized stadium would certainly be a boon to Prince William County. Maybe PWC could benefit by looking at Ripken Stadium for the "Iron Birds" in Aberdeen, Md., off Interstate 95 and build a stadium/hotel complex. Drive-by advertising is ludicrous — locals know where decent sports venues exist.” -Charles L. Gallion

“It will end up being housing. It always ends up being housing.” -Justin Longcor

“Multi-purpose park with a lazy river, skate and BMX sections, and a dog run. Add a nice place to host a summer concert series, weekend festivals and movies on the lawn. Do something that brings the community together.” -Damon Moritz

“How about a community farm managed by high school students?” -Liz Shifflett

“A Prince William County Wolftrap and festival (Irish, etc) grounds. Relatively inexpensive, hugely popular, adding to the culture and desirability of the county.” -Tom Fitzpatrick

“The fields need care, which costs money or should become a part of the use agreement. Look outside PWC and see what works elsewhere, what can be improved on, then move forward. If you doubt the work being done at these fields by youth sports, stop by sometime and check it out. Invest in the youth, not housing at this facility.” -Riley Rose

“An indoor baseball facility in this area would attract a ton of youth teams from all over the East Coast, especially during the winter. Get somebody like Paul and Mike Colangelo to spread the word quickly throughout the baseball world, they could have tournaments year-round.” -Chris Cirillo

“Hope the BMX track stays. Add a skate park, some dirt jumps and a pump track.” -Jeff Frank

“It lasted a great deal longer than it was designed to.” -Charles J. Vincent

“They had a chance to keep the Potomac Nationals and they blew it. Yet they're going to try to build a new stadium anyway? Give up already. Build something different that the whole county can enjoy.” -”apoc3”

“Too bad it can’t become a nice and safe renovated multi-sport complex and grounds like Potomac Lakes Sportsplex in Loudoun. That would be so nice and so needed by youth athletes, especially here.” -Jeanne Palomo

“Sounds like a great location for a new school or two.” -Jason Yovich

“I thought it was going to be left standing and be able to be rented by PRIVATE SCHOOLS, for baseball and softball games/tournaments.” -Will Simpson

“They should build another softball field and a playground for the kids, because there's nothing down there for the younger kids to do.” -Mark Carter

“We have plenty of baseball, softball, basketball courts. How about a skate park for those who enjoy skateboarding.” -Bee Livengood

“Well, everyone knows what they will do; they will build a development with no less than 1,000 townhouses and a bunch of low-rent apartment buildings. I mean, it's not like they are already planning on doing the same thing a mile down the road with the Quartz development project. The Board of County Supervisors won't be happy until they turn Prince William Parkway into Prince William County parking lot.” -”insidebugging”

“Just another reason why government should not run things. Sell the property or make it a Jiffy Lube Live II.” -David Speaks

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Compared to how NC treats it’s minir league stadiums, we really failed to utilize a minor league site by not letting it spur further development around it. Now that they’re gone we should focus on ideas that draw people to the location.


Does anyone really think it won’t become a massive townhouse development?

Joseph George for Neabsco District

Great place for a school.


arts entertainment and sports venue i like the small fair idea

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