Gov. Ralph Northam last week dropped Virginia’s mask mandate for those fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Readers on our Facebook page had a range of reactions.

“Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!”

– Angie Wyatt 

“I will continue wearing my mask. I am very disappointed with our elected officials for making this decision to do away with masks. We don’t have herd immunity yet. Children are not vaccinated yet. How do we know who is fully vaccinated?”

– Renu Kapoor 


– Cornelius Ooferson 

“It’s not the vaccines. The numbers have been plummeting before vaccines.”

– Shawnda Lee

“When in stores I’ll continue to wear a mask because there are nasty [people] out there, and they actually come in handy with the spring pollen.”

– Kevin Stokes

“I like it. As we learn more about COVID and effectiveness of vaccines the more we can hone the response. Full vaccination is the golden ticket to getting back to normal. If you’re not vaccinated, get the vaccine and help get this behind us or don’t and roll the dice while realizing you aren’t just rolling for you but other vulnerable, fellow citizens as well.”

– Ted Madsen

“About time. You can still be distanced or wear your mask. Stop being sensitive.”

– Bria Heard

“I don’t mind a mask. They are fashionable and they help you stay well. Plus I just ordered a bunch for a party lol.”

– Kelly Mccargo

“Since wearing a mask in public, I have never been healthier. So I will wear as I see fit, for my health.”

– Jane Carvajal

“So you still need to wear a mask at school, public transit, churches and stores can still require it? Sounds like nothing has changed. And how will they ever enforce this??? No one can tell who is vaccinated and who still ‘needs’ a mask. Crazy.”

– Tara Sayani

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Janet Smith

Doubtful 80% will be fully vaccinated...Same as yearly influenza vaccinations.

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