Schaeffer Pens Story of Signature’s First Two Decades

Eric Schaeffer has been artistic director of Signature Theatre since its inception in 1989 (Signature photo)

A new podcast series focused on local arts has been developed by the Embracing Arlington Arts organization.

“Each week, we will be interviewing a performing-arts professional, visual artist, arts and culture expert, dignitary and everyone in between – to tout the importance and benefits of arts and culture in our society,” said organization founder Janet Kopenhaver.

The podcasts will be available on Apple, Google and the organization’s Website at New episodes will air Tuesday afternoons.

As part of the outreach effort, Embracing Arlington Arts in late December will begin airing interviews with artistic directors at regional theater organizations across the area.

Those being interviewed include Maria Manuela Goyanes of Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company (Dec. 31); Eric Schaeffer of Signature Theatre (Jan. 7); Molly Smith of Arena Stage (Feb. 4); Ryan Rillette of Round House Theatre (Feb. 11) and Chil Kong of Adventure Theater (Feb. 25).

“We want to thank all these busy artistic directors for their time to participate in this series,” Kopenhaver said. “We know that many high schools do not have tons of resource materials on the performing-arts industry, and we want to help fill that gap so that these students are aware of the rewards and challenges of a career in the theater business.”

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[angry]Time for Arlington's wealth arts crowd to start major league fundraising...stop asking Arlington's stressed taxpayers to pay while they play.

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